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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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to speak at each and every one of their districts to help raise money. please stand up and do the right thing now. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, supervisors. it is a fantastic day in san francisco, california. aren't we glad we live in america, where we have the freedom of choice? i am dr. annette shelton, third vice president of the san francisco branch naacp, and 83- year-old organization in the city and county of san francisco. i rise to ask you to support the resolution that has been submitted to you by supervisor cohen that surrounds the issue of the mr. marmon. your voice is important to our community. as the speaker before me said,
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the saggy pants issue is picked up by other nationalities of youth. but this has nothing to do with saggy pants in the underlying situation. it is about justice for all. that is justice for all. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to take this time to think supervisor -- thank supervisor cohen for your support, for your endless time that you have put into this situation with this. by the way, the whole family -- our family is related to the family. also, espinosa jackson is
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related as well. so you never know whose family member you are doing these types of things to. as i reflect back on the homeless issue, i have seen so many people who may not fit right. they do not necessarily come with a belt. they have a homeless individual. they have pants donated to them and they sag. are we going to arrest them as well? this has gone too far. this racism is so prevalent in the place i thought was a melting pot. supervisor doris ward told me when i was a lot younger -- she said black does not melt. i was saying to her they do.
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she told me. she said when you go anyplace, you walk in the room and you are any other nationality and are not black, they do not know if you are italian, if you are russian. but if you walk in the room and a black, they see you are black. that is what happened at u.s. airways. deshawn is highly educated. he went on that plane and they saw he was black. not only was he black, but thank you so much for your time. i have something for you later. thank you so much. president chiu: thank you. [applause] >> i wanted some assistance. i have just two minutes. i just wanted to play. when the mayor came to the bayview and supervisor cohen was there and mom and jackson was
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there, a lot of city officials can there. thank you, supervisor cohen. you're doing a wonderful job. ♪ ♪ ♪ ain't no fooling around you've got the look there have been so many things that help us down -- held us down now it looks like things are finally coming around. i know we've got a long way to go where we end up, i don't know we are putting ourselves together ♪ ♪
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president chiu: thank you very much.
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could we get a little help? that is it? all right. next speaker. >> my name is devrat carpenter and i am here to speak for deshawn marmon and the black race and the bayview community. i feel we are underrepresented and discriminated against, and it is prevalent. even at city hall, you can see it. i picked up these. it is about divorce destinations in san francisco. they have east is west. they have jewish heritage. they have city on the edge. i don't know what that is about. they have latino roots. they have pride. but what about the african? what about us? what about the native americans?
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the whole mix -- the olmecs, the aztecs? this discrimination happens every day. i was arrested for observing police activity, which is not illegal. my charges are still pending. i have a few other cases i got from dealing with the sf pd, the crooked sfpd. but all i do is good. i do not sell drugs. i do not kill people. but all the killers get away while they come arrest me and rough me up, bring 15, 16 cars to me, put tickets on my car at midnight. the and know what i mean? it is just parked in front of my house. there is killing going on and real stuff going on. they have focused a lot of attention on the bayview because
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of all the killings and the violence. they are not addressing that. they are messing with the drunks on the corner and the people without transfers on the bus. if you don't have 75 cents for the bus, how are you going to come up with $75 for a ticket? [applause] ethnic pride, you know? ethnic pride. president chiu: thank you. >> hello. my name is theresa cooper. i do a lot of healing work in the community. one of the things i remember our last mayor said is he wanted to find the murderers in this town. there were a series of events what went on with that mayor. what i have heard is that murderers are down, but gang murders are up. i have been concerned about
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hearing about african american man, 20 years old -- i just heard it on the bus on my way here. a 19-year-old african american man murdered, a shootout in richmond, about the same age group. when are people going to wake up? murder is not healing. it really is not. i am really concerned about it. i am not sure if the mayor really let us down or if somebody has really taken it on. i do have issues with the police department. i appreciate them. but i really am paying attention to jeff hidachi. i was hoping he would be here today. i would like to talk to him.
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anybody that has stood up and made statements to support our constitutional rights should be highly commended. the police state is backed by a lot -- police state is backed by a lot of money. there was a shoot-out where this man was killed. he robbed five banks. i thought i was there to pray for somebody that got hurt. actually, the police just shot him. a lot of fbi stuff going on. i also want to support -- president chiu: thank you very much. >> good afternoon, president and board of supervisors. i am a native san franciscan and also a resident of district 10. i am here to talk about two issues. i think the community has done a great job as far as supporting
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supervisor cohen as she has worked tirelessly to make sure the resolution was presented to you today. i support everything that has been said by people who look like me, but recognize this is not a local but is also an international event that has taken place. moving on to issue two, i know some supervisors have worked really hard with the san francisco youth commission as it relates to the free municipal passes. i have asked some questions and i am not too sure where we are in that process, but there are a lot of young people need to go to school and who have relied on those free muni bus passes. i am urging you to continue to do that hard work. i am volunteering with the youth commission to try to move them
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forward and figure of the process. there are students who need to go to school who were going to school because they had these passes. all of our youth have different issues in different districts. i ask that you really dig down into your child like habits, things you like to do, and make sure the people we are standing up for, the people as the knowledge jackson has stood up for, and so on. they have spoken for us and it is our responsibility to speak for the youth of tomorrow. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is at donaldson. i am with the osiris coalition. i speak in support of the resolution for deshawn marmon and would like to personally thank supervisor cohen for her work. as an african-american male, i
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know my own personal challenges with the criminal justice system, and understand intimately what it takes to recover from that. we have to protect korean people, in particular those who are doing the right thing. i encourage all of you to support this resolution on behalf of deshawn. let us protect all of our youth, keeping them all on the right track. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> count the number of the beast. i would like to talk about words that are good numbers in the bible in the sermon, this speech. i plan on wearing my may 21 and of the world judgment day is guaranteed shirt until it wore out. but for some strange reason all my radios are missing and my
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family ready of t-shirts are missing. they disappeared, i guess. harold camping -- there is no preacher, whether he is john macarthur, and he is probably my favorite, peter ruckman -- i could mention a whole bunch of them that i listened to. every kristin seized in a glass darkly. but the you know who got used? harold camping. does that mean everything he teaches is true? it does not. but jesus said before i come back the gospel is going to be preached everywhere as a witness, than the end will come. that is what jesus said. count the number of the beast. it is the number of a man. there are three numbers you can arrive at that are the same by counting. 55 is the sum of one through 10. 66 is the sum of one to 11. if you counted 36, you get 666.
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that is the last time that appears. when you counted 36. i know we have gone over this again, but it began but it bears repeating, because repetition is a very good teacher. there have been 3670-year cycle since the destruction of the temple in 523 b.c. until 1996. the sixth trumpet sounded on november 11, 2001, which is exactly 66.666 months after that, 2008 after that. >> ladies and gentlemen, i speak to you today on behalf of seniors and people with
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disabilities. but first let me speak about the seniors and people with disabilities. during the years that these were able to work, they make -- they made their contributions to help keep this country what it happens to be today. now that they are not able to work anymore, on my way to the various corners, i see these people sleeping on the ground. they are going into garbage cans and eating food. we're supposed to be living in one of the greatest countries in the world. this is america.
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nobody has any right to be like this. if you do not protect the youth , as they should be treated and protected, after we have gone from this, who do you expect to carry on? i must say to caesar over the body of caesar, hold judgment. as with the speech of brutus, i make it. >> good evening. my name is donna boyle. i am the mother of deshawn
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marmon. i want to thank my district supervisor for all your support from the time this stuff erupted. i am asking that you all take a parent's stand. we have all told our children at some point to do things, and when they step away from us they tend to do just the opposite of what we said. i told him to pull his pants up. and he did. but they apparently went right back to the upper part of his but, where the underwear was showing. there were not blow his buttocks. -- they were not below his buttocks. what did my son do wrong? i still have not found that out from u.s. airways, other than
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not getting up when the pilots said get up. his reasoning was, "i did not do anything." i asked him why. "i paid like everybody else. i am like everybody else." the pilot replied, "know you are not. -- no, you are not." i am trying to find out where my son did wrong. there are charges on him. i cannot understand how they are going to charge him. the police jumped on him and hurt him. boarding the plane, trespassing -- he had a ticket. indecent exposure -- it became a double standard. a cross dresser could get on and my son could not.
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president chiu: thank you very much. [applause] next speaker. >> hello, everyone. i was one of the chief organizers today for the youth rally. i hope you all may have looked of the window. some of the supervisors came. we definitely appreciate it. i am here to support the resolution that supervisor cohen just introduce to you all. by no means are we speaking against the cross dresser in favor of deshawn. they both should have been able to board the plane. you cannot invent the rules for different passengers. we in the progressive city of san francisco need to take a stand and say clear his name. let him go on with his life.
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come together like the san francisco community. we brought a lot of youth from bayview hunters point. you would've thought it was a stop the violence march. recognize that. it is very hard to get used. we had sought of market years. we had western addition news. we had youth from the trail hills -- petrero hills, something on non of with -- something unknown with turf wars. i so appreciate you, commissioner, and everything you did to make today success. i truly appreciate that. i am not one to get on your nerves. i think you all. you'll have these kind of constituents that probably get you like that. but thank you parian -- thank you. >> i would like to thank
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supervisor cohen for stepping up to the plate, and supervisor avalos for being part of the rally outside. amongst black residents in this city, there is a notion the city is trying to get rid of us. when we see a man arrested on an airplane for his clothes, it sends a message. i am asking the supervisors that if you believe in the constitution and you believe in justice, stand up for what is right. if you don't, send a statement. 10 officers came to grab him. i know he is black, but does that made him terrifying? seriously. that could've been any of you, or your relatives. you would have been furious about that. you can understand what is right. it would send a statement to
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the residence, the black residents of san francisco. thank you very much. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am a native of ethiopia. i have been here over 22 years in the western edition. -- addition. the sfpd and the sheriff's department should live within a 75 mile radius. most of the cops i have met came very far. anyone with a high-school g.d. can become a harasser. -- g e d can become a harasser. thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i am the executive youth -- director of the library users association and have a slightly different story, although it involves a contempt for the public. the ethics commission voted unanimously that the library commission president acted in willful violation of the law when she shouted down a member of the public during an library commission meeting and prevented her from making public comment as required by law. the ethics commission is to send a letter to the mayor about the matter, recommending that she be removed from office. i have previously played the tape for this body. i will not do so again except to say it was pretty ugly. what did the president of the library commission, ms. gomez, say? she described her action as "raising my voice" and
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characterized it as indecorous. when the ethics commission intentions became clearer she returned to say she felt insulted by the speaker who she had shut down. a librarian is the only person who testified in her support. the week herrera, the librarian, has repeatedly insisted that his top priority is books and materials and open hours. so how does he explain the proposed budget that he brought to the library commission february 3, calling for a $500,000 cut in library books and materials? following public outcry, the library commission reversed the cut, but recently yet again mr. herrera testified publicly to the same priorities even as the book budget has a zero increase
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and the overall budget for the library is increasing $3.30 million for the next fiscal year. president chiu: next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors. arnold townsend. people have spoken about deshawn marmon adequately and well. i would like to make a recommendation to all of you. there is a series of books written by [unintelligible] you can get them at marcus books. i hope that is not a plug. i guess it is. i would recommend them highly, this series of books. it is called "countering the conspiracy to destroy black boys." there is something going on in america now, and it was going on with any group of people we would be outraged.
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but because society has been so successful at demonizing young black boys, we accept it and actually live in fear. i am not afraid of my own children. i don't care how dangerous they become. i will give you one statistic that this book contains. it is in 1995 statistic. this book was written in the 70's and started as one volume. you can see some much of what it predicted has come to pass. the one statistic of wanted to give you -- it is full of them -- is that african american children make up 17% of the school population in america, but make up more than 40% of the children who are in special education. i think it is 47%. of that 47%, 85% are black boys. we cannot survive like that. we are graduating less than 200
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black boys in san francisco out of high school every year. we are creating a society that even those of you who believe the only place for black boys is prison, you are not going to be able to build them fast enough because of what we are allowing to happen in our schools. and that is the real truth. [applause] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. aspin knowledge jackson -- espinola jackson. i am here today because of the fact -- and i am talking to you. i do not come here often. but because of my skin, my relative -- my kin, my relative, i am asking you supervisors to please support the resolution. it is not going to hurt anyone for supporting it. we are living in a sad, sad situation here. and just to see and hear the cry
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of mothers coming before you -- when i do watching tv, it saddens me. i was at a meeting yesterday with 21 men sitting around the table. each one of those 20 women was stating the fact that their children had had a lung removed, had bad cases of asthma. i wish you all could hear these women talk about what is happening to them, and what is happening in our area, especially in the southeast sector, the toxins we are inhaling. i am so proud of deshawn. as the seventh generation of my family here in san francisco, and there are four under me, i am here to ask for your support am here to ask for your support of the resolution, and i am